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Gennady Babichenko, CEO, founded the company in Nampa, Idaho in 1998. At the time, he was a young dental professional specializing in removable prostheses. Initially, he focused the small company on serving local dentists by improving removable restoration products. By emphasizing market opportunities outside Idaho, he has guided the company through rapid growth, which escalated even as other dental laboratories faltered during the national economic recession that began in late-2007. That year, he relocated the company to its current, state-of-the-art facility in Meridian, Idaho. Recently, he again expanded the rapidly growing operation, opening an affiliate office in the neighboring state of Utah.

Viktor Rudoy, Acrylic Department Manager, joined the company in 2004.  A native of Ukraine, he oversees design and fabrication of Valplast, Thermoflex and all Acrylic products, and is responsible for quality control and updating processes in the light of changing technologies. Viktor earned his certification with Valplast and Eclipse, and takes annual continuing education courses.


Lori Maugeri, Office Manager, joined the team in 2008, with nearly two decades of customer service experience. Formerly administrator to the president of one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, she is now responsible for case scheduling, customer service, and courier services, among other duties. To help ensure customer satisfaction, Lori emphasizes attention to detail and the providing of quick and accurate information.