Dentures Department is the foundation upon which the Babichenko Dental Lab brand was built. The technical teams in Dentures have extensive knowledge and vast experience, and are especially helpful in providing sound advice when treatment planning. Babichenko Dental Lab's lab technicians have expertise in a wide range of techniques for design and finish of your denture and partial cases. Consistent, predictable, esthetically pleasing restorations, trouble-free and long-lasting.


Signature Complete Denture

PhysioStar┬« NFC   Individual surface structure for natural aesthetics   Each individual tooth mould has its very own surface structure which in each case has been modelled on natural anteriors. This individuality of the mould, combined with the individuality of


Premium Complete Denture

Every tooth is a small piece of art   CT Composite and Porcelain denture teeth   Candulor is continuing the traditional art of composite and porcelain for removable prosthetics. New┬á methods form the ideal connection between tradition and innovation. Like


Basic Complete Denture

Never before has an economy tooth displayed the natural color and translucence of Artic. The multi-layer design is available in the most popular moulds and all shades from A1 through D4.   Artic is made using a patented injection compression


Eclipse Denture

Eclipse is a revolutionary prosthetic resin system that is monomer-free and investment-free. Eclipse is ideal for full and partial dentures, nightguards, and provisional partial dentures. Eclipse is the perfect fit for your dental practice. The fit at try-in equals the