Each framework is custom-designed and handcrafted to insure smooth insertions, comfort, longevity and confidence. Our fixed restorative and denture team provide a logical and predictable process for combination/attachment cases to guarantee extraordinary final results


Digital Design Partials

The CAD/CAM System The CAD/CAM System is a solution that brings precision and efficiency to many different types of restorations doctors demand every day; not just for crowns and bridges but also metal and flexible partials, inlays, onlays, and combination cases.


Cast Metal Framework

Removable partial dentures are a practical and affordable solution for dental restorations. Doctors not familiar with the ease and convenience of Wironium removable partials often avoid doing removable partial denture cases. COMMON CONCERNS Here are some of the concerns we


Valplast Partial

ADVANTAGES TO YOUR PRACTICE Today dentists are prescribing flexible material for removable partial dentures (RPDs) because it makes for a better, stronger appliance at a fraction of the time. Flexible materials reduces chair time, eliminates invasive procedures, and the cumbersome


Thermoflex Partial

THERMOFLEX™ Acetal Resin So Comfortable And Natural-looking Without Unsightly Metal Clasps.Newly reformulated, Thermoflex™acetal resin delivers 19 tooth color, 3 tissue colors, excellent retention and durable performance.AESTHETICS – Excellent tooth and gingival color match, thanks to 16 tooth colors comparable to