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Dental Lab Delivery10 Day Door To Door Through FedEx®


Babichenko Dental Lab, we understand the value of patient chair time. That’s why everything we do is designed to help you get quality dental prosthetics fast.


We are a leading provider of safe and effective dental products and services for dental laboratories and dentists across the United States. We are a full-service dental lab located in Idaho that provides quality dental laboratory services at great prices.


Our standard case turnaround is five calendar days in our lab in Idaho and 10 calendar days door-to-door. Simply call us toll-free at  877-446-9292 or fill out our 50% off first case form and we’ll do the rest.



Unbeatable Guarantee



Dental Lab

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We believe so strongly in our products and services, we offer this simple guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the case with your next shipment and we will refund the complete lab cost.


At Babichenko Dental Lab, we take pride in meeting our customer’s requirements with the highest quality products, value and exceptional service. We know that our customers have many choices in dental labs and we strive to deliver the very best restoration every time! We want to be your full-service dental lab of choice!



Our Process



Every case is made in our lab in Idaho USA, we do not outsource any of the work overseas.  When the cases arrive at the dental lab we monitor each case at every step throughout the entire Processproduction process. Our technicians perform Quality Control checks several times on each appliance, starting from the time we receive the case. We believe that using the highest quality FDA-approved materials and investing in state-of-the-art technology results in superior restorations for you and your patients.


Our standard case turnaround in the lab is five calendar days and door-to-door is ten calendar days. Shipment pick-up and delivery is easy and convenient by FedEx®.


As a full-service dental lab, we offer over 70 products, including e.Max, Zirconia, and Valplast. Zirconia is our CAD/CAM milling center that provides dentists and laboratories across United States with a complete solution utilizing only the best materials to produce dental restorations with precision fit and perfect esthetics.



How to send us your cases



Step 1: Contact us for a price list. We will send this to you by email.  This contains all the documents you need to open an account and send cases to us immediately.


Step 2: Send the impressions and bite registrations. Put cases into the smallest box that protects the cases and seal.


If you do not have the proper supplies, please contact us. We are happy to assist you. If you are a new customer, please contact Babichenko Dental Lab at 877-446-9292 for a starter kit which includes everything you will need to send your first case to our laboratory. We sincerely look forward to a long and lasting working partnership.


Step 3: Send the shipment through FedEx®


Step 4: When we receive your shipment we will notify you by email. We begin making the cases immediately and will email and/or call with any questions within two business days. When necessary, we will send a photo of the case in question to help communication.


Step 5: We will send you the FedEx® tracking number when finished cases have shipped. All impressions and parts sent with each case will be returned to you.