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Why Choose Us


Babichenko Dental Lab produces powerful results for you and your practice in two ways: by providing superior quality, and by maintaining flexibility with each client and every order.

  Made in the USA

All of Babichenko Dental Lab’s restorations are made here in the USA.  Let other laboratories outsource their work to China—our highly trained technicians fabricate to exact specifications, achieving results far superior to those who go overseas.

  High-Quality Products

Your first priority, the happiness and satisfaction of your patients, begins with the best possible quality for your dental products—from the smallest veneer inlay to the most extensive restorative set.

Our lab works only with the strongest, most reliable and trusted materials, to ensure that products meet and exceed specification standards.

  Cutting-Edge Technology

State-of-the-art equipment operated by employees who undergo continuous education in the latest techniques are indispensable to the quality of your restorations.

Babichenko Dental Lab guarantees the highest quality, produced with the help of the most advanced and dynamic dental equipment and technologies available today.

Our fabrication and finishing expertise, combined with our array of modern tools, enable us to achieve the lifelike look and feel your patients expect from dental prosthetics.

  Award-Winning Customer Service

The best dental labs are not only about products. Friendly, thorough customer service is essential to understanding and fulfilling the needs of each client, with every order.

Our award-winning customer service team is well-versed in our cutting-edge products and can answer all your questions, to ensure that you receive the best possible experience and products, from start to finish.